Infant Sleep (4-18 months)

Sleep deprivation makes uninterrupted nights seem like a long gone commodity.  The goal here is to break away from poor sleep behaviors and replace them with age appropriate healthy sleep habits so your family can get back to the sleep you need. You will walk away with the confidence of how to respond to your baby when their sleep patterns fluctuate and change as they grow.


Get the help and science you need for baby sleep training while being fully supported by me as your sleep consultant. Thanks to my pediatric sleep certification, I use the same Sleep Sense™ methods that have helped thousands of families worldwide tackle sleep problems for their infant and toddlers with a 97% success rate.

1-1 Consultation

Sleep evaluation

1-1 Consultation session

Custom Sleep Plan

Online sleep tracker

Five follow-up phone calls

Two Weeks unlimited email/

text message support

Guide for Future Success

Home Support

All 1-1 Consultation features

Plus half-night support from bedtime to 12am on first night of sleep plan


Plus full-night support from bedtime on first night of sleep plan to 7am next morning



Sleep evaluation

1-1 Consultation session

Custom Sleep Plan

Online sleep tracker

Five follow-up phone calls

Two Weeks unlimited email/

text message support

Guide for Future Success

expert sleep trainer, Vancouver BC

Infant sleep packages

I will help you navigate:

Eliminating sleep props

Reducing night wakings

Early morning wakings



Breastfeeding friendly

Sleep cues​​​

Science of sleep

Future sleep changes

All About Baby Sleep Training

If you’re ready for a clear, easy-to-follow plan that will teach your baby healthy sleep skills and to be able to sleep through the night, then my sleep training support packages are for you.

Baby sleep training creates an opportunity to help your child learn the skills to healthy sleep habits so you can get your nights back. Whether you're a sleep deprived parent working on bedtime battles, early morning wakings or teaching your child to fall asleep independently, my fully customized plans will guide you through the transitions and give you the emotional support you need. I will make sure you never feel alone or stuck during the process.  

Success Stories

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your sleep programme is fantastic and truly works! Last night was our 6th night and things are going brilliantly well! I really can’t thank you enough. Joel slept through on the 3rd night, had a bit of a blip on the 4th night, but I think it was because he had a dirty nappy and was uncomfortable but 5th and 6th nights…straight through! Thank you

– Carole S, 13mo

Burnaby, BC

Prior to meeting Adela, my 8 mo woke up multiple times during the night crying and would not go back to sleep unless she was held by me. I met Adela through one of her Facebook Q&A sessions and by then, I was very sleep deprived, my husband wasn't getting good sleep either, and my upper back and arms were in a lot of pain due to constantly needing to hold my baby to sleep.

Adela worked with us to come up with a custom training plan and tweaked our plans as needed to fit my baby. Whenever I felt unsure on how to handle a certain situation, Adela was very responsive and was always supportive and encouraging. Despite us being in a tricky place with my baby teething at the same time as being sleep trained, my baby is now a total sleep champ! She no longer cries when we put her in the crib or when we leave the room. Once the lights are out, she finds her comfy spot and goes to Zzzzzz.....

It's definitely a worthwhile investment as not only does my baby get the amount of sleep she needs (prior to this - she never slept enough hours), but my husband and I are also feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally as we are better rested and get the evenings to ourselves. Adela was wonderful to work with and I'd highly recommend Sleepy Baby Coach to anyone wanting to make some changes with their baby's sleep.

Thank you Adela!

– Skylar, 8mo

Richmond, BC

Imagine the welcomed relief of predictable naps and a good night's sleep. My pediatric sleep consultant support is here to help your baby sleep through the night so your family can get back to sleep. 

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