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All The Sudden My Baby Started Hating the Crib

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Is there a such thing as crib regression? There certainly is.
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What Is Crib Regression?

Is there a such thing as crib regression? There certainly is.

Children can regress and no longer enjoy their crib but not without reason. Re-evaluate what's been happening and if any environmental factors are impeding upon their sleep habits. Always check if your child feels ill or is teething and seek medical advice from your doctor and medicate as advised. Other things to consider:

  • Does your child enjoy their bedroom?

  • Is the bedroom or crib being used for timeout or punishment?

  • Is the crib not bare enough, with too stimulation so that your baby becomes overtired?

  • Have you been co-sleeping with your child occasionally or in the mornings?

  • Is your child being fed/rocked/patted etc. to sleep?

  • Is your child going through a developmental milestone? Smaller milestones go under the radar and show up every 4-6 weeks (see my blog post here.)

  • Was there a change recently in the family (eg. parent goes back to work, child started daycare, pregnancy, etc.)?

You'll also want to read this post to learn about why your baby doesn't like the crib.

Baby Sleep Consulting

Is Crib Regression Temporary?

Whatever you do, if you think your child sleep in the crib is still the right place for them, then stick with it. Changing your mind every few nights and letting them sleep in your bed here and again causes confusion...and confused children cry more. Be patient with the process.⁣

If you're struggling with this forever crib regression and want to open yourself up to being a successful client of mine, click the link to book a complimentary Let's Get Acquainted call with me.


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