Temperament Results



You may find that your baby resembles a little bit of each description. Keep in mind that your child's temperament is a theme in their personality and not a feeling or mood or temporary behaviour during developmental milestones. 


Angel Baby

This is the baby every parent wishes and hopes for. They're even tempered, mellow, happy, easily satisfied and takes on new surroundings well which makes them portable and easy to take anywhere. An Angel baby calms down easily. They have non-verbal cues that are easy to interpret where eating and feeding are usually met with ease. They wake up happy and babbling in the crib or engrossed with observing her environment. 

I’m sure that you recognized your baby in above descriptions. Maybe he’s a cross between two types. In either case, this information is meant to guide and enlighten you not to alarm you. Also, it’s less important to figure out a label per say that to know what to expect and how to deal with your babies particular temperament.

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