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Sleep Consultation

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Dreaming of interrupted sleep? Tried every baby sleep trick and uncertain if my gentle sleep training methods will actually work fo your child? I'm here to chat. 

Adela Tsuen

Certified Sleep Sense Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Vancouver, BC


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  • Why hire a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant?
    Your child's sleep deserves personalized attention. Having been through extensive training in the Sleep Sense™ Consultant Certification program, I am personally endorsed by Dana Obleman as a Pediatric sleep trainer to give you all the right solutions, quality tools and support to better your child's sleep. Your custom sleep consultation is specifically created for your child to give you solutions that fast-track their transition to better sleep. I will walk beside you with continuous follow-up support that allows me to identify and further customize your sleep plan to ensure success.
  • Will my child cry during sleep training?
    Probably. Crying is your child’s way of communicating and you can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will inadvertently bring on some frustration because they haven't yet figured out what's going on. Crying during sleep training is also indicative of a child's level of sleep debt. Change is never easy, but health-benefiting sleep is worth it and they'll be set for years to come! With consistency and dedication to following the sleep plan, progress will happen quickly.
  • Will I need to stop breastfeeding during sleep training?
    Breastfeeding is the primary source of nutrition for babies under 1 years of age. As your sleep coach, I encourage and promote moms to continue to breastfeed/bottle feeding/formula feeding during the implementation of your custom sleep plan which will include an individualized feed routine.
  • Do I need to leave my child to Cry-It-Out during sleep training?
    No! While most books and programs dealing with child sleep issues are based largely around the “crying it out” method, I believe in being supportive to your child while they learn to fall asleep on their own. That’s why the Sleep Sense™ Methods I use in your sleep consultation encourage parent participation and responsiveness to your child. I would never ask to leave your child alone to cry. The reason that my sleep plans are so effective is that it lets you develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child.
  • When can I begin sleep training my baby?
    My sleep consultations are suitable for children from 0-6 years of age with age-appropriate sleep goals that are catered to each child and family. The primary focus for babies under 4 months of age is to set up healthy sleep habits so they help shape their sleep success for the future.
  • Am I guaranteed success with your sleep consultation?
    My sleep consultations are extremely effective. Success with sleep training relies on a commitment to the sleep plan and the process. Following as close as possible to my gentle, effective sleep recommendations will bring you the same success so many families have already benefited from. Constant communication during your sleep training support ensures progress is on track to reach success. Along the way, I will ensure changes are made as needed to continue to see positive results in your child's sleep. My goal is to leave clients feeling relieved and satisfied with the progress their child has made. The most common feedback I receive is, "I wish we had invested in this sooner!"
  • What's the process involved in working with a sleep coach?
    After you complete a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines, I will have all the information to create a sleep plan that is customized to fit your child. I will then schedule a 1-1 sleep consultation (virtual or in-person) to go through your step-by-step sleep plan so you have a clear path to success. Once you begin executing the sleep plan, I will make sure you never feel alone or stuck during the sleep training process. You will receive live, personal support from me for 3 weeks (varies between packages), where I review your sleep tracker daily and provide feedback using text messages, email and scheduled phone calls. This sleep training support is the KEY to my clients' success.
  • How do I know your sleep training methods will work for my child?
    The best way to know is to book a no-obligation "Let's Get Acquainted" free call with me. I will assess your specific situation to ensure your child is developmentally and emotionally ready for sleep coaching. I will share with you what's involved in the sleep training process and give you the confidence of what to expect for your sleep consultation.
  • Which location do you serve? Do you work globally?
    My sleep consultations are offered globally. Rest assured, time change often works to your advantage and I will ensure you have support at the times you need it. In-home sleep consultations or sleep support are offered within Great Vancouver. Travel fees will apply.
  • How do you take payment for your sleep consultations?
    All sleep consultation prices are inclusive of tax. All payments are made securely through e-transfer and a paid invoice will be provided once payment is received.

Sleep Bundle Guide For Your Child's Sleep

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Download this FREE sleep bundle with guides that will teach you how to help your little one get the sleep they need.

What parents are saying!

Alyssa, Vancouver (6mo old)

"Adela changed our lives. Seriously.We went from co-sleeping, 30 minute naps and multiple wakeups to 1.5 to 2 hour long naps and 7pm to 7am sleeps in 3 weeks. Our son is enjoying hours more of solid sleep, while my partner and I are enjoying the hours of extra time that we have. Our day to day is far more predictable and we feel far more confident as first time parents after working with her."

Kaitlyn, Vancouver (4mo old)

"We consulted Adela as our 4 month old baby was waking up to 5 times throughout the night and relied on feeding, pacifier, and motion in a swing to fall asleep. Adela worked with us to customize a plan to achieve our goal of teaching baby to be able to self soothe, reduce the frequency of night wakings, and to transition her to sleeping in a crib in her own nursery. She was extremely professional, supportive, and really cared about our success in sleep training. There is absolutely no way we could’ve sleep trained successfully without her help! By the end of sleep training, all of our goals were achieved, and even though I still have countless worries as a new mom, sleep is no longer one of them. Adela is such a wonderful gift to our family and this is the best money we have spent thus far!"

Yana, Vancouver (13.5mo old)

"Adela was helpful and very understanding in helping our 13.5 month old achieve independent night sleep in his own bed. We had lots of challenges along the way but with her help we were able to achieve our goals. We are still working on the nap and early morning waking but at least we are sleeping at night! I call that a win :)"

Melanie, Vancouver (7mo old)

"Sleep training with Adela has been the best gift our husband and I could have given ourselves, second to our son being born! We came to Adela when our son was 7.5 months, very sleep deprived, and on recommendation from a friend. With the combination of Adela’s sleep plan, strategy session and mentoring over text, we were successful in transitioning our son to his crib on night ONE itself (after months of nursing to sleep, co-sleeping and failed attempts to get him in his crib.) On night THREE, he was sleeping through the entire night with no night feeds (again, after months of waking up several times during the nights/early mornings.) Best of all, it wasn’t a cry it out method; the approach Adela taught us to incorporate was firm yet gentle with space for discretionary intervention that was compatible with our attachment-based parenting style. As we worked through the sleep tracker and nap/sleep routines daily, Adela worked closely alongside us, offering feedback and trouble shooting. She helped us learn how to make adjustments to navigate regularly scheduled activities as well as when things were derailed. This built our own capacity and a deeper understanding on how to optimize time, be watchful of baby’s cues, and prime him to sleep.

It wasn’t just a sleep program; Adela offered a holistic approach that supported us in building a solid schedule for the day with proper sequencing of activities. This included a feeding schedule to break the feeding to sleep association. I went from nursing 8-10 times daily (almost every 2 hours during the day, even at 7.5 months) to 5 times daily. I still consider my nursing to be baby-led as I’m feeding our son when HE decides to wake up; I’m not setting exact times for him to nurse. He’s stopped snack nursing and his feeds naturally lengthened. The longer stretches in between have also created the space for baby to come to his high chair with more of an appetite and his solid feeds have really picked up over the past two weeks.

I know how much energy and passion it takes to do this supportive work, and Adela has that genuine interest in supporting her clients, both babies and adults! She is knowledgeable, responsive, and thoughtful. We can’t thank Adela enough and would recommend her with confidence to any fellow parent."

Natasha, Vancouver (10mo old)

"When we met with Adela, we had a couple of goals: to have my 10-month old stop waking 3-4 times a night, and to learn how to self soothe rather than rely on a nursing session. By the end of our time together, he was doing both of those things. We even all got sick during our time, but he was able to get right back on track as soon as he was feeling better. I wish I had used Adela with my first child. She's was understanding, kind and experienced."

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