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Hello from Adela

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Calgary, AB

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Native to Calgary, but raised in Vancouver. As a mother to three high energy children, I thought following a sleep training book was enough to prepare me to help my babies sleep well. My first baby took to it like a champ, but my second baby had sleep challenges I was not prepared for. It's true what they say, not all babies are the same. 

Being a parent to two little humans is hard enough without the sleep deprivation. I could not imagine the emotional stress of cry-it-out and that's when a Sleep Sense™ pediatric sleep consultant rescued me and forever changed my life using effective, easy-to-follow methods that gave me result quickly. 

Sleep Consultants Vancouver | Sleep Consultation
Sleep Consultants Vancouver | Sleep Consultation

Why Work With Adela

Why Work with Adela

Personally selected to participate in a comprehensive international training and mentorship by baby sleep expert Dana Obleman, author of the Sleep Sense™ Program, I am given me the immense reward of helping parents solve their children's sleep issues. With my extensive knowledge and experience, Ia m now a mentor for other Sleep Sense™ sleep consultants.

Using a holistic approach, I solve children's sleep issues from the core. My personalized, effective and compassionate sleep training approaches nurture healthy sleep patterns for children of all ages. My focus is to create a positive environment for parents to openly share their child’s sleep journey of victories and challenges and feel valued and supported while we work together.

As founder of Sleepy Baby Coach and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I believe sleep education and support are both important during sleep training. I am an advocate for better parental and infant well-being and deliver results through 1-1 personalized baby sleep consulting, virtual or in-home. Schedule a complimentary preliminary sleep assessment call with me to embark on this journey together. Let's chat!

Sleep Consultants Vancouver | Sleep Consultation

Sleep Well Every Night

Located in Vancouver BC, offering you sleep consultation virtually across the globe as a Seattle Sleep Consultant, Calgary Sleep Consultant and Bellevue Sleep Consultant. I also offer in-home sleep consultations (travel fees apply) for families across the Lower Mainland (including but not limited to Burnaby, Vancouver, Richmond, Langley, Tsawwassen, Ladner, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Delta and Surrey).

Reserve Your Free 15-Minute Call

I want to know more about your child's sleep challenges and give you the sleep training support you need.

Sleep Consultants Vancouver | Sleep Consultation

This Could Be Your Success Story

Vancouver Sleep Consultant | Calgary Sleep Consultant | Seattle Sleep Consultant | Bellevue Sleep Consultant

Cheather, Vancouver BC (8mo old)

I am so thankful for Adelas help! Her kind, calm, and friendly direction has completely changed our home life. We noticed immediate improvement in our baby's sleep habits and had support as soon as anything arose. I went from 8 months of full time co-"sleeping" (I wasn't sleeping... at all) to having our little one in the crib all night, and actually getting a full nights rest. Her help was exactly what I needed. I am someone who has very high anxiety when the baby cries and would doubt myself endlessly whenever we tried to do sleep trainings. With Adelas help, I gained a full understanding of what sleep for a baby should and can look like, and the reassurance that the crying I heard wasn't harmful but apart of the process. There were ups and downs but I felt completely supported and after coming to Adela, was completely at ease. I would highly recommend her help to anyone who is struggling with sleep, not knowing exactly what to do, or is so overwhelmed with the endless advice out there (and all the advice contradicting itself). Again, I was a mom who had been co-sleeping for 8 months and was barely surviving in all aspects of my life (including my marriage, honestly this saved my marriage!!) to a mom that has a full nights rest, my baby naps 2x a day (1-2 hours each!) and I can put her down in her crib for nap/bedtime and walk out the room. No endless rocking or singing or holding her till she's asleep and then trying to transfer her to the crib only to have her wake up, or having her in our bed and "sleeping" in the bottom corner of the mattress to avoid rolling on to her... I can't believe it took me 8 months to do this... don't be me, call Adela!

Jas, Vancouver BC (8mo twins)

Adela did an amazing job coaching us through the tough time we were having with our twins. She was patient whenever we felt any type of frustration and was able to explain in detail what we were doing right and wrong. As a result, we finally have some time to ourselves in the evenings. We recommended her to all of our friends who are going through the same issues. Both our kids were staying up past 1130-12 at night most days; now their nap times and bed times are set, we finally have some time to ourselves, and we even have their feeding schedules down to a tee. If you're looking for a sleep training who will be able to provide real results, Adela is the right person for the job!

Vancouver, Burnaby BC (6.5mo old)

We had hit a point where our little ones sleep was completely unsustainable for us and mental and physical well being were suffering. We were very sensitive to listening to crying and were nervous about sleep training. Adela was patient with us and so helpful as we started the process. She helped us achieve the goals we set out and was so helpful and reassuring whenever a new challenge came up. Our baby adapted so quickly and went from being rocked till drowsy/asleep and waking every hour, to falling asleep independent for long stretches. My life has completely changed from 2 months ago and I’m so grateful for Adela’s support.

Julia, Calgary BC (4mo old)

“Hi Adela, Thank you so much for walking us through the last two weeks of navigating M' sleep. While I know we have a lot to work on, we will strive for consistency in our approach and are more assured that M can and will sleep better. Before we participated in your program, I felt like we were plummeting towards rock bottom, so thank you so much for changing our trajectory and saving us from disaster!"

Kaitlyn, Vancouver BC (4mo old)

We consulted Adela as our 4 month old baby was waking up to 5 times throughout the night and relied on feeding, pacifier, and motion in a swing to fall asleep. Adela worked with us to customize a plan to achieve our goal of teaching baby to be able to self soothe, reduce the frequency of night wakings, and to transition her to sleeping in a crib in her own nursery. She was extremely professional, supportive, and really cared about our success in sleep training. There is absolutely no way we could’ve sleep trained successfully without her help! By the end of sleep training, all of our goals were achieved, and even though I still have countless worries as a new mom, sleep is no longer one of them. Adela is such a wonderful gift to our family and this is the best money we have spent thus far!

Ana, Vancouver BC (5mo) old

Adela was great. Our baby couldn't sleep independently and only did short naps ( 30/40 min at the time) and we would take 40 min to put her to bed. After 3 weeks working with Adela, we just put our baby in the crib and leave the room and she falls asleep by herself. She is also learning how to link naps and she is napping much longer. Totally worth the $$. Yes, you can find a lot of sleep training on the internet, but at least for us, we need someone who we could reach and troubleshoot different scenarios and situation along the way. After the sleep training, we took our baby to a trip and she did awesome. She would sleep in one place and woke up in another and still was able to fall asleep independently and have a good rest. Thank you Adela, you are awesome. If you are having trouble getting your baby to sleep, please ask for help. It takes a village to raise a child we and need all the help we can get.

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