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Certified Baby Sleep Consultant
Vancouver, BC

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As a mother to two high energy boys, I thought following a sleep training book was enough to prepare me to help my babies sleep well. My first baby took to it like a champ, but my second baby had sleep challenges I was not prepared for. It's true what they say, not all babies are the same. 

Being a parent to two little humans is hard enough without the sleep deprivation. I could not imagine the emotional stress of cry-it-out and that's when a Sleep Sense™ pediatric sleep consultant rescued me and forever changed my life using gentle, easy-to-follow methods that gave me result quickly. 

Sleep Trainer Vancouver
Sleep Trainer Vancouver

Why Work With Adela

Why Work with Adela

Personally selected to participate in a comprehensive international training and mentorship by baby sleep expert Dana Obleman, author of the Sleep Sense™ Program, I am given me the immense reward of helping parents solve their children's sleep issues. When parents entrust me to be their children's sleep coach, they are placing a great deal of trust in me, and I take this responsibility very seriously.

Using a holistic approach, I solve children's sleep issues from the core. My one of a kind, effective, gentle approaches nurture healthy sleep patterns for children of all ages. My focus is to create a positive environment for parents to openly share their child’s sleep journey of victories and challenges and feel valued and supported while we work together.

As founder of Sleepy Baby Coach and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I believe sleep education and support are both important during sleep training. I am an advocate for better parental and infant health and deliver results through 1-1 private baby sleep consulting, virtual or in-home. If you're looking for my support with your little one's sleep, the best way to learn more is to book a free preliminary sleep assessment call with me. Let's chat!

This Could Be Your Success Story

Theresa, Sechelt (6mo old)

""Adela is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I was unsure about using a sleep consultant at first because I thought I should be able to handle my baby's sleep myself. I made the excuse that I was just being too (insert self criticism here) for not being able to handle my own sleep deprivation, my baby's constant overtiredness and the fear of being a bad parent because, try as I might, nothing I tried worked. I'm so glad I reached out to Adela and talked to her (for free) about how she can effectively support you remotely and her philosophy on sleep teaching. Through the whole experience I became confident in reading sleep cues, flexible when naps were short and delighted by my daughter's ability to sleep when she needed and for as long as she needed. I'm a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child. Adela is part of that village and paying for that service is THE best money I've ever spent."

Sally, Vancouver (6mo old)

"My 6 month old daughter was always a terrible sleeper. We decided to get help and we chose Adela as our sleep consultant. It was best decision ever! She was amazing, informative, easy to communicate with, and most of all supportive. My baby would take hours to go to sleep, with multiple rounds of rocking, patting and breastfeeding to try soothe her. Now she is self settling herself in the crib and has a lot less night wakings (some nights she even sleep through the night). She’s literally changed our life and we can’t thank Adela enough for giving our little girl and us our sleep back."

Jeffrey, Burnaby (15mo old)

"Adela was a godsend! We thought we had my baby's sleep figured out but then he had a difficult sleep regression added with teething. He was having the worst sleep for a few weeks. After consulting with Adela she gave some helpful tips and tweeks to what we were already doing. Baby was finally able to sleep through the night with her help. He is even able to sleep through the night through 4 teeth coming out. I thought that would be impossible. We have since been able to move the baby into his brother's room and they are now sharing a room. If anyone is unsure of hiring a sleep coach I would say to hire her 100% it's an investment for you, your baby and your marriage!"

Julia, Calgary (4mo old)

“Hi Adela, Thank you so much for walking us through the last two weeks of navigating M' sleep. While I know we have a lot to work on, we will strive for consistency in our approach and are more assured that M can and will sleep better. Before we participated in your program, I felt like we were plummeting towards rock bottom, so thank you so much for changing our trajectory and saving us from disaster!"

Aimee, Vancouver (9mo old)

"Adela was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our little one was battling all sorts of sleep issues and lacking consistency. She helped us make a plan while explaining the process of each adjustment. She was attentive, empathetic, and worked with us using methods we were most comfortable with. Would definitely recommend!"

Diana, Burnaby (13mo) old

"As our two weeks together are coming to an end I'd like to say the following about your support: I never thought we'd need a sleep coach since there's so much information out there. My baby slept well as an I went back to work and his development progressed it got to a point where neither of us were getting great sleep. Adela is very supportive in her approach. She worked with our comfort level and painstakingly reassured us again and again how each step we're doing will help get better sleep. It really worked like magic! He's sleeping through most nights like a champ. Would highly recommend her to any parent. Great sleep is so important, not only for us to functions properly, also for the development of your baby."

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Sleep Trainer Vancouver

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