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Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant

Private 1-1 Pediatric Sleep Consulting 
Sleep Training 

Are expecting a baby or have children 0-6 years old.
Want gentle methods to teach your child healthy sleep skills.
Want to see age appropriate sleep results right away.
Have realistic expectations.
Wants to improve the whole family's sleep deprivation  
Want to support you child's cognitive and physical development through health-benefiting sleep skills. 

This is perfect for you!

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Why Work with
Sleepy Baby Coach?

baby sleep consulting in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Seattle, Bellevue and worldwide!

My approach as your baby sleep consultant is to provide an alternative philosophy to cry-it-out and solve your child’s sleep issues at the core. I give parents sustainable, age appropriate sleep solutions that lead to strong foundation for sleep.

Whether you're a new struggling parent or a seasoned parent juggling a baby and toddler simultaneously, my completely unique approach to sleep coaching is gentle, customized and effective for children of all ages. 

Adela also offers sleep support in Cantonese. 


Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant


This is not a Cry-It-Out program!

Sleep Bundle Guide For Your Child's Sleep

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Download this FREE sleep bundle with guides that will teach you how to help your little one get the sleep they need.

Baby & Toddler Sleep Training Packages

Take your first step in confidence.
Private 1-1 Coaching | 
Continuous Support | Virtual or In-Home

Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant

Newborn Pricing

3-12 weeks

Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant

Infant Pricing

4-18 months

Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant

Big Kid Pricing

1.5-6 years

Is a sleep coach right for you? 
Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant
Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant
Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant
Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant
Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant
Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant

Does your baby sleep by being nursed, rocked or held to fall asleep or stay asleep?

Does your child fight sleep for naps or bedtime? 

Does your toddler have frequent night wakings?

Does your child have early morning wakings?

Has nothing worked in the past to better your child's sleep?

Are you feeling burnt out and exhausted from sleep deprivation?

The good news is, a good sleeper is very achievable even if you are convinced there is no other baby like mine who can’t sleep independently. I see you and as a baby sleep coach, I’m here to give you sustainable baby sleep solutions so your child can get the sleep they need to grow healthily.

Get results in just a  few days!

Sleep Consultation | Vancouver Sleep Consultant

baby sleep consulting in Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, Seattle, Bellevue and worldwide!

Hear it from Mamas!

Harpreet, Vancouver BC (9mo old)

As first time parents, We were overwhelmed with all the information out there about sleep. We struggled with our little ones' sleep habits and were not getting any sleep at all. I am so grateful to have connected with Adela to navigate us through our journey of healthy sleep for us as a family. We reached out to Adela when our son was 9 months and struggled with multiple wakings, self settling and sleep overall. Adela was kind, knowledgeable and considerate of our family values around sleep when delivering her services. We noticed our son slept the majority of his first night with Adela and we couldn't even believe it! That was the first night in 9 months that we as parents got to sleep more than 3 hours stretch!! In order words, we saw the results and the progress within the first few days. Now our little one is sleeping throughout the night and able to self-soothe himself back to sleep like a champ. At first, I was so nervous to contact any sleep coach but I can confidently say now it was our best decision and investment ever!

Kelley, Tokyo Japan (5mo old)

Thank you Adela for helping us get our baby's sleep back on track! After a wicked 4 month sleep regression, our life went down the drain. I'm essentially doing all childcare on my own, and my baby was only sleeping on us or in our bed, I was getting 5 or less hours of broken sleep every night, and I had zero time to do things during the day. Things had to change, so I looked to a sleep coach for help. Adela helped guide me through getting my baby to sleep in her crib for all naps and nighttime, taught me how to manage her wakings, wake windows, and naps to help avoid overtiredness, and provided tools and knowledge for how to continue working on sleep issues as my baby grows. I especially appreciated Adela's willingness to work with me, since we are in completely different time zones!

Jeffrey, Burnaby BC (13mo) old

Adela was a godsend! We thought we had my baby's sleep figured out but then he had a difficult sleep regression added with teething. He was having the worst sleep for a few weeks. After consulting with Adela she gave some helpful tips and tweeks to what we were already doing. Baby was finally able to sleep through the night with her help. He is even able to sleep through the night through 4 teeth coming out. I thought that would be impossible. We have since been able to move the baby into his brother's room and they are now sharing a room. If anyone is unsure of hiring a sleep coach I would say to hire her 100% it's an investment for you, your baby and your marriage!

Katrina, Vancouver BC (4mo old)

I'm a first time mom, who is super sensitive to my baby's cries. We worked with Adela for 3 weeks, and her knowledge and reassurance got me through the sleep training with confidence. We saw huge improvements after just 2-3 days. Our baby was 4.5 months when we started, and Adela and her sleep training got us through the 4 month sleep regression and all the changes at 5 months with wake windows and timing etc. I would highly recommend her services! :)

Kathryn, Vancouver BC (13mo old)

"We went one year without sleep training. We were convinced we didn't need it. Here is why it helped. A sleep coach keeps you accountable, you track your babies sleep each night and day, allowing you to see where things need changing. I was very hesitant on letting my baby cry, however, it is true that a small amount of crying turned into way less crying in the long run. Within three days our baby was sleeping through the night. In, fact the first night she made it all night. My life has changed. I have time in the evening for myself and my coworkers are saying how rested I look. My connection with my daughter is stronger because I am more present in our time together. Adela worked with us every step of the way to encourage trust in the method and navigate little things that came up. I am so glad we made the decision to get a sleep coach and I highly recommend Adela. I will be using her again when we have a second baby."

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