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Approved Sleep Resources & Tools
by Sleepy Baby Coach - Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant

Tired of trying to figure out what tools and resources you really need to help your child sleep better?  Here’s the exact stack my clients use with my baby sleep consulting to set their children up for success. I created this for you so you don’t have to waste time and money guessing what works.


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, be assured that I ONLY list products and tools I personally use and recommend.


Baby Sleep Consulting

safe sleep

FREE DOWNLOAD. American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations to keep your baby safe while sleeping and to reduce the risk of SIDS.  

Baby Sleep Consulting

sleep schedules

FREE DOWNLOAD. Recommended baby sleep wake windows, number of naps and sleep totals for your child at every age. Help your baby's sleep improve using this guide.

Total Sleep Needs pic.png

sleep chart

FREE DOWNLOAD. Use this chart to check if your baby is getting optimal hours of sleep required for them to grow and develop healthily. 

Safe Sleep.png

Baby Sleep Sanctuary (Download Now)

safe sleep

FREE DOWNLOAD. Create the perfect sleep sanctuary for your child knowing they will stay safe.


blackout curtains

A portable easy-to-install blackout curtain that darkens any room in seconds. Great for travel! This works wonders for parents who don't want a permanent fixture in their children's room but still want to achieve an ideal, dark sleep environment to help their baby sleep well. 

Baby Sleep Consulting

black-out window covers

These blackout blinds use the VelcroTM Fastening System to get a tight seal around the window frame, without the light around the edges you have with black out curtains, liners, shades and blinds. Simply place the cover over the window and press around the edges to seal. Great way to improve your baby's sleep.

Baby Sleep Consulting

travel crib

Compact, ultra lightweight, super-easy to set up travel crib. It folds down in just one move and fits in a sturdy travel bag. Foam mattress is thicker than other similar products, yet firm. I highly recommend this product as a means of helping your baby sleep well even away from home. 

Baby Sleep Consulting

sound machine

Smart phone compatible sound machine, making it easy to use and a great addition to help your baby sleep better. With one-touch programs for bedtime, nap time, and wake up, it's easy to get your child on the sleep schedule they need for a healthy development.

Baby Sleep Consulting

DECT (audio only) baby monitor

DECT technology guarantees zero interference & 100% privacy. Sound level lights indicate if the baby makes noise. 

Baby Sleep Consulting

baby monitor - lower EMI emissions

Monitor your baby's sleep using this baby monitor that can pan 330° to see corner-to-corner and tilt 110° to see floor to ceiling. No WiFi needed. Instant alert.

Baby Sleep Consulting

potty training mat

This is an essential if you're about to potty train your sleep trained baby. These mats use a unique triple-layer design to create a leakproof, breathable and reusable bedwetting/incontinence mat. Grid stitched to prevent bunching and lays flat ON TOP of your fitted sheet. This makes it easy to change out during an overnight accident, yet it does not interfere with your baby's sleep.

Baby Sleep Consulting

toddler sleep trainer clock

This Sleeptrainer + clock will help keep your toddler's sleep on track. Sam's eyes close at bedtime and open in the morning when it is OK to get up. Set at a specific time or by length of nap. Colour changing display helps to resolve your toddler's early morning wakings.

Baby Sleep Consulting

baby sleep sacks

To help your newborn sleep well, swaddling those arms can help with the startle reflex (discontinue at first signs of rolling). Swaddle 3 ways; arms in, hands-to-face, or with one or both arms out. These sleep sacks nestle baby like a soft blanket, without the risk of sleep-related dangers. 

Baby Sleep Consulting

travel blackout, privacy nook

Portable, privacy sleep nook that allows babies to sleep in their safe and familiar playard or travel crib with room to sit up or stand up inside. Great way to help your sleep trained baby continue to sleep well even on your travels.

These are the essential building blocks needed to build healthy sleep habits for your children. Couple these products with the sleep tools I give you during your private baby sleep consulting gives quick results for sleep derpvied families. 


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