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Best Newborn Burping Techniques

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Step by step overview of the best techniques used to help baby burp after a feed

Newborns are notoriously susceptible to gas trap. The issue is that it can cause a lot of colic-like symptoms and makes sleeping that much harder. With the frequency newborns feed at during the day and night, it means you're going to have to get real good at helping your baby burp baby real fast. Releasing the gas trapped in your baby's belly will release the discomfort they feel so that they settle that much easier to sleep. Here's a video that goes over techniques that are helpful in helping baby burp.

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If you're having trouble burping your baby, try these tips. First, cup your baby's chin with one hand and with the other hand you can tap her back. But not only that, you want to elongate her back so that she's sitting straighter. That way the gas more readily come out. If you notice, I also jiggle my knee a little bit to help that trapped gas escape.

If that does not work and having her back straight doesn't work, you can try leaning her forward and back. That motion itself sometimes can release the gas. If that doesn't work, try circular motion as such and that can also do the trick. Now, if having her sit on your lap doesn't work, change her position and your position.

So, get up and out of your chair, which is important, because what I want you to do is I want you to tap your toes a little bit like this. If this doesn't work, I would say another big trick is to actually walk up or down the stairs. That works wonders in getting that gas trapped.

Pro tip

So you've tried the above techniques but still no luck. I've got you covered. Give this expert burping tip a try!

Video transcript [read more...]

After the feed is complete, put baby back into the cryptery swaddle. Then make your second attempt to burp baby. As you can tell, the swaddle helps keep your baby's back straight, which will help the gas escape more readily. If you tap your toes as such and give a gentle tap on the back, the gas will come out more easily than without the swaddle.

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