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Prevent Toddler Night Wakings

Updated: 4 days ago

Remember, poor naps or skipped naps the day before affects the next 24 hours of your baby's sleep.

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Two Key Elements That Can Help Curb Night Wakings

Today I'm keeping it simple. Sometimes simple is good. It keeps us focused on just enough to produce the right results. As with all things, it takes time to see the results when you implement change. So try and spend the week focusing on these two things. Then you can tackle other tools that continue the positive progress towards eliminating those night wakings.


Little kids have less stamina, they need a quick recharge to make it to bedtime. If you run them dry, they'll be working off their reserve and the resulting sleep at night is not restful but full of wakings. Remember, poor naps or skipped naps the day before affects the next 24 hours of your baby's sleep. The timing of these naps are just as important and can really throw bedtime off if naps are placed at unsuitable times.


They might be too little to tell time, but if your toddler can recognize colors, you can easily train your toddler to leave their bed only at an appropriate time. I've taken a cheap IKEA clock and colored in the number 7 with their favorite color. Works like magic. More on clocks in future blog posts, stay tuned.


Establish a good 20-30minute consistent bedtime routine. Anything longer, your child may lose track of the next steps. Any shorter, it may not serve as a sufficient cue to prime your child for night sleep.

If you want to roll up your sleeves and get down to the core of my sleep strategies, click to book a complimentary Let's Chat 15-minute call with me to chat about my 1-1 sleep support.

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