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Failproof Yourself for Baby #2

Updated: Jun 25

Best advice when having Baby #2? Sleep train your toddler.
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Toddler Sleep Help

If you're pregnant, you're growing a tiny human inside that needs a well nourished and rested mama to help them grow. Taking care of your own pregnant sleep needs is inadvertently taking care of that tiny human's very fragile needs.

Let's face it, pregnancy is tiring and often sleep disruptive in itself. Pregnancy with a night-waking-toddler...now that is just beyond exhausting. What's even more mind-blowing is potentially trying bust through each night with wakings from BOTH the newborn and toddler.

It's no wonder one of the most common times moms reach out to sleep consultants is when they're in their 2nd trimester with their baby #2 who are just dying to get their firstborn to sleep through the night.

The older the toddler, the more engrained they are in their night waking habits. In my experience, toddler sleep issues do not just go away. If it takes re-training, it'll be well worth it, I promise.

⁠⠀ When your newborn cries at all hours of the night with loooong nursing sessions, one of the most stressful moments is knowing your toddler might join in on the chorus of cries too and not know how to get back to sleep without you.

⁠⠀ So these brilliant, pregnant mamas absolutely have their heads in the right place because they want to take care of their toddler sleep issues before baby #2 comes home. This has got to be done ASAP! And what's great is I can help. Click to download now my FREE 5-step sleep guide and reserve your free 15-minute sleep assessment today.