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3 Rules When Buying a Swaddle

Updated: Jun 25

Swaddling works best on infants that are under 3-4mo old by making them feel warm and secure.
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Why Swaddle

Some of the best sleep aids are techniques that parents are taught to help when getting babies to sleep. The first technique, swaddling, is often used in the hospital nursery and taught to parents before they take their newborn home. Swaddling works best on infants that are under 3-4mo old by making them feel warm and secure. It also keeps the infant from being awakened from their own startle reflex while sleeping

Swaddle Purchase Guide

What to keep in mind when purchasing your swaddle?

  1. Ensure it is designed with room at the hips to allow your baby’s hips to move freely especially at nighttime. This reduces the chance of developing Infant Hip Dysplasia where a baby's hips are loose at the hip joint. Swaddles that are too tight can prevent the natural process whereby the baby's hips tighten and stabilizing themselves.

  2. Choose a TOG that is suitable to the climate and environment your baby is sleeping. TOG is a measurement unit that determines the level of insulation or warmth a material provides. Avoid overheating and over bundling which is a risk factor for SIDS. Make adjustments by changing the amount of clothing/layers worn underneath the swaddle to account for different environmental temperatures. Swaddling sleep sacks are generally warmer and a higher TOG to account for the additional layers of the swaddle wrap.

  3. Buy the correct size based upon your baby's weight and length to prevent the chance of the fabric accidentally covering baby’s mouth or nose. Swaddles should be appropriately snug and safely secured around the baby's torso.

My personal favorite swaddle are the halo sleep sacks https://www.halosleep.com/shop/sleepsack-swaddle

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