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Only You Should Decide if You're Ready to Sleep Train

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Sleep training is not for the faint of heart, BUT I've seen moms rise to the occasion because of the clear benefits their child gains from sleeping through the night.
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Crying and Sleep Training

MAJOR LESSON about baby crying. It wasn't until I understood the real reason babies cry that I came to understand that my fear was what was barring my baby from crying less!

Since figuring that out, I've made the necessary changes that benefits my baby for the long run. Today I help moms and their babies to sleep well. I am so confident in what I do because of what I know.

Babies cry out of necessity (hunger, diaper change, sleep etc.) and to communicate (wants to be held, bored, frustrated, etc.) During sleep training, parents are taught to first ensure all their baby's necessities are met so that when baby is crying, you KNOW they are simply trying to communicate the change in the routine they only know (rocking/patting/nursing etc.) to fall sleep.

A baby's frustration about sudden changes in their sleep environment is not surprising, after all, sleep training is about breaking old patterns or habits. If you were to eliminate or hope to have no crying, that means the change you're implementing probably wasn't very big or obvious and the results will be equally small and insignificant. Big changes quite often means big emotions but this short (sometimes as little as 3 days) and thankfully temporary period is all part of the learning process of more permanent healthy sleep habits. They're trying to work through the changes as much as you are.

How to Minimize Crying During Sleep Training

Baby Sleep Consulting
Baby Sleep Consulting

With my clients, I work on minimizing variables to reduce these struggles as much as possible while still aiming to achieve the ultimate goal of a baby ready to sleep through the night indepedently. Teaching your child great sleep skills isn’t a one-night operation. It takes some time, a lot of repetition, and plenty of discipline and diligence on the part of the parents.

If a very long, drone out process is something you're happy with, I only have one warning. Do consider the accumulated crying time and how that can easily outperform the alternative quicker and more efficient means of sleep training.

Sleep training is not for the faint of heart, BUT I've seen moms rise to the occasion because of the clear benefits their child gains from sleeping through the night. Reality is, the accumulated crying and frustration from poor sleep habits often easily outnumbers crying during sleep training.

When Not to Sleep Train

Don't embark on sleep training just to see if your child capable of it.

Don't try sleep training without first gaining credible knowledge from a sleep consultant may it be free or paid material.

Don't go into sleep training thinking it'll be easy, because it usually isn't without the right support.

Don't blindly take another's experience with sleep training success or failure and assume the same results will incur with your child because every child's sleep is unique and every family's situation is different.

Don't start sleep training without commitment to the process. That is my support and guidance will get you through to success.

When to Sleep Train

Decide to sleep train when you feel you're ready and your baby is biologically ready.

Decide to sleep train if you want to see change in you and your child's sleep.

Decide to sleep train because it's right for you.

Do ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you sleep deprived and can't remember how it felt to sleep through the night

  2. Do you keep reminding yourself your child will grow out of these sleep issues?

  3. Does your child need your help falling or staying asleep through the night?

  4. Do you want more predictable for when and how long your child sleeps?

  5. Does your child fight bedtime or have early mornings?

  6. Is your child healthy?

  7. Does your partner feel there needs to be change?

  8. Do you have two weeks of time to focus on your child's sleep (no travelling or house guests)?

  9. Is baby #2 on its way?

Baby Sleep Consulting
Vancouver Sleep Consultant

If you're nodding along as you read...

If you're ready...

When you're ready...

I'm here to help you. I offer my experience from working IN THE FIELD with families and knowledge that is founded on PROVEN METHODS. Click to book a free call with me.

Healthy sleep is an ongoing process of routine, testing, observing, routine, testing, and observing over and over again. There is NO SHORTCUT. ⁠

If you want to see results, you have to put the work into it. ⁠

If you want to open yourself up to being a successful client of mine, click and book a call with me.

Baby Sleep Consulting

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