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Utterly Simple Steps to Deter Baby from Climbing Out of the Crib

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

You really need to make it clear that climbing the crib is not allowed, or you’ll be dealing with nighttime roaming for months.

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Baby Climbing Out of the Crib

One of the biggest reasons parents move their kids to a big kid bed is because they’re hoping it will solve some existing sleep issues. Maybe baby’s gotten into a habit of wanting to climb into bed with Mom and Dad, or they’re suddenly waking up and demanding water in the middle of the night. So maybe a big kid bed would help them feel more grown up. Maybe it would give them a feeling of security and comfort.

It will not. Full stop.

Ask any sleep specialist, making the switch couldn't be farther from resolving the issues. Now, I recognize that some of you are numbers people and you want an age, even if it’s just a guideline, so I would say 2½ is probably the earliest you want to implement this change. But again! That’s just a guideline, and later is better.

Effective Ways to Deter Your Baby From Climbing Out of the Crib

  1. Turn the higher side of the crib out instead of facing the wall.

  2. Lower the mattress to floor but ensure there's NO GAPS where your baby can get stuck. Some cribs have very an extra low setting which should be sufficient.

  3. Move furniture away from the crib that can be used as a stepping stool as they get down from the crib

  4. Sleep sacks are great deterrents and limit your toddlers agility.

  5. Keep a story book by the bed so your child can read while waiting for you should they wake early.

  6. Stay in the crib till age 2½ at the least.

What If Baby Still Escapes the Crib?

I should actually throw in a little disclaimer here. If your little one has started the “escape artist” routine, and is climbing out of their crib in a dangerous way, there’s potentially some harm if they fall on their way out. Safety, by all means, should trump all.

However, if they’ve got the skills to get out of the crib safely, (and some kids I know are exceptional at climbing out of their cribs) then, again, I once again recommend sticking with the crib.

Regardless of how sweet the request is, or how easy it might be to just let let your little one sleep in bed after climbing out of their crib, try to not give in. Make it clear that it’s not allowed, or you’ll be dealing with nighttime roaming for months.

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Are you ready to sleep again? ⁠

Always cheering for you!⁠ - Adela

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