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Safety When Baby Starts to Roll

Updated: Jan 26

As early as 3 months, your baby may start rolling over and practice these new moves day and night! Yes, exciting time, but also sleep disruptive times.
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Most babies learn to flip from tummy to back first (even by 3 months) and eventually do the full back arch while leveraging their legs across their body to flip from back to belly.

With these changes come new safety precautions.

Swaddle --> sleep sack

It's time to transition out of that swaddle. You can start by taking one arm out first to have baby used to the new found freedom or jumping straight to a sleeveless sleep sack can be less confusing and surprisingly trouble-free.

Bassinet --> crib

Rolling takes a lot more room and requires a lot more room and stability to keep your baby safe. Start by letting baby take naps in the crib first before transitioning full time to the crib.

Back sleeping --> baby chooses

If baby can only roll one direction (back to belly) but cannot move the opposite direction, it's a good idea to move baby back onto their back. Once baby is able to move freely in both directions, it's fine to let baby choose the most comfortable position. Be sure to check with your doctor or pediatrician before allowing your little one to sleep on their belly.

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